Types of hosting, choose the most suitable

A hosting is a physical space that is rented within the internet, with the purpose of serving for the storage of content formed by texts, images, videos or applications that are part of your site, blog or web page.

Thanks to this hosting you exist within the online world and your contents are visible to all those who enter your page.

Hosting are services offered by various types of providers working in a similar way to a USB memory, since you store your information in them, which is primarily their function without practically any other benefit.

If you need to see your information, you enter the internet through your computer or any other device, it comes into contact with the server that gives access to your data and everything that you have stored within your hosting.

Following this order of ideas, you should know how to differentiate a hosting from a domain, which simply represents your identity within the internet, identified by a name plus an extension such as .com.

What types of hosting exist?

There is a wide range of hosting that are used in order to meet the particular needs of each person, but some of them are more common than others, such as those that we will introduce to you below.

Shared Server

You have probably heard of shared hosting, it is about small spaces belonging to different sites on the internet that can be rented within the same provider.

Within this mode, each client shares the server’s resources, such as its processor, RAM memory, IP address and the data transfer itself.

types of hosting

Dedicated server

When it comes to a dedicated server hosting, it will be for the exclusive use of a single client, without sharing resources, which allows you to prevent performance from being compromised due to traffic, as in the case of shared hosting.

Virtual private server

It is identified by the acronym VPS, it is a storage within the web that is characterized by being divided into virtual partitions and each of them can work with a different operating system. No resources are shared, so its benefits are similar to the case of dedicated hosting.

Cloud server

It is associated with the cloud that many already know within the internet and that has allowed them to save their documents, images, videos or applications at a certain time. With the cloud hosting server you work in a similar way, since all the resources that will be part of your website will be hosted in said cloud.

The best thing about this type of hosting is that you only pay for what you use, while other services have previously established packages, which you must purchase in order to use their services.

Reseller Server

This hosting allows your storage service to be resold within the web in a simple way. When you purchase a hosting service for hosting your information with a specific reseller type provider, you have the opportunity to have clients who pay you for hosting within the plan you have contracted.

If you are a reseller, you will have the opportunity to create external domains as well as establish subdomains, all as part of your reseller hosting.

Mail hosting

As the name implies, it is a mail storage, this is one of the benefits offered by companies such as Hotmail, Yahoo or Gmail, which are popular throughout the world. Although within them you can pay for a mail hosting service and register your domain in this way, counting on the other hand with a professional email.

In addition to all these types of hosting that you have known, there is the possibility that you acquire a free hosting if what you need is to learn before risking your money, once you master this field we recommend you to acquire one that offers you guarantees on the information that you will post on your page.

On the other hand, generally free hosting is full of advertising, which deteriorates the image of your page and can cause users to feel annoyed with it and stop visiting it. If you have a good project for your website, it is recommended that you invest a little money to help you guarantee its future growth and maintenance.

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