Know the functions and utilities of hosting

Hosting or web hosting is one of the services available to Internet users, within which they can store both information and a large number of images, videos or any type of content that they wish to have when entering their website.

What is a hosting?

Hosting can be defined as an online service, thanks to the new technology that characterizes the internet today.

Practically by using a hosting you are renting a space within a certain server, where you can save all the data that is necessary for your page, while allowing it to work correctly and be accessible to all types of users.

The hosting has a provider to whom you rent this type of service, which is responsible for protecting it so that you are not a victim of malicious attacks and your content can be visible during the navigation of each of its visitors.

How web hosting works

In order to understand the importance of hosting, it is necessary to know how it works. In general, this ensures that all the necessary files are transferred when you type your domain name in any browser, to respond to this request.

More clearly, a web server is one identified as HTTP, which is nothing more than a program that is responsible for providing its service for the transfer of the files that are part of the web pages, once these are requested by the users. users through a connection made through your computer.

For its part, the browser is the software used to access the internet and is in charge of interpreting user requests, linking them to existing sites based on their hosting; An example of this is what Google Chrome, Firefox, Opera and many others do.

Therefore, every time a user types your domain, your server through the browser allows them to view it on their screen. You should know that a domain is nothing more than the name by which your page, blog or site is identified within the wide internet network, it also contains an IP address that identifies you within the online world.


It is very important to choose a hosting plan that suits your needs before deciding to purchase it, you will have to think that it is an element that you are obtaining for your benefit, but which you will have to pay regularly if you want to continue having their services.

You should also think about creating a website that is profitable in the long run, by incorporating content that is attractive to users, in such a way that they visit it frequently and this generates an economic income that covers the rental of your hosting and leave you a profit margin to continue offering important information for your visitors.

Types of hosting

Many of the providers of this type of service offer plans to their clients, within which they can satisfy all their needs in terms of the type and size desired for their websites. For example, you can use shared hosting, a virtual private server, one in the cloud or WordPress hosting, which is one of the most popular on the internet.

The recommendation is that you start with the simplest and with little space, so a plan such as shared hosting would serve you and as your site begins to grow and position yourself you can change to a more advanced hosting, having more experience within of this wonderful digital world.

If you want to appear on the internet offering personal content or through a company of products and services, you must necessarily purchase a hosting, there are many companies that offer this type of services, it is all a matter of choosing the plan that best suits your budget and needs.