Welcome to Seaside-Hosting

Welcome to Seaside-Hosting, a free hosting service for Seaside applications sponsored by netstyle.ch GmbH and ESUG.
What is Seaside-Hosting?

Seaside-Hosting is a free hosting service for non-commercial Seaside applications. In contrast to a standard file hosting or a virtual server hosting this service provides a simple to use interface to set up and run your Seaside applications. It allows you to put your own application online within minutes.

Seaside-Hosting offers 256 MB of file-space for saving the Pharo and Squeak web-application image and static files, e.g, pictures or style sheets which you want to use as part of your application.

What isn't Seaside-Hosting?

Do not register for an account if you want to serve files, if you need full access to the server, need a database, or if you have a commercial application. Seaside-Hosting does not offer you to run PHP, ASP, Perl etc. If you need such a hosting or additional capabilities, please contact us at seasidehosting@netstyle.ch.

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What are the sponsors?

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